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Ancient Ones / The Ancient CrusadersA Friendly Meme Guild


Darth Malgus




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

December 28, 2019


GMT / /Most active time 3 PM - 10 PM GMT


Operations PvP Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Levelling Crafting World Bosses Dueling / Tournaments Dailies Heroics

Active Members

9+, 13 -20 during prime time

Operations Groups


Guild description

We are a Friendly guild and meme a lot. We want this to be a place where you can hang around and have fun with any kind of player no matter what you prefer to do in the game and make lifetime friends.

Guild requirements

Anyone is welcome no matter what skill, level, age or experience. I recommend to join our discord as in we posts our giveaways, events and other info there, if you dont want to join the discord you dont have to but i would recommend it.

How to join

If you join our discord from here you will only see few channels, type in the verification-read-channel-above that you want to join the guild and after you have joined the guild take a screenshot of your char and send it in same channel. After youhave done that you will be given rank so you can see rest of the server.

If you ask either me (Bastilla Protecc/DeltaLord) or Excal in discord we will inv you to the guild or ask if someone can thats online to inv you. [This is for those who joins the discord after they joined the guild] once you have joined send screenshot of your character in the verification-read-channel-above and after that you will be given a rank so you can see rest of the server