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Clan Saxon
Clan Saxon is a casual mandalorian guild with RP PVP PVE and also very social!


Star Forge





Last Updated

May 31, 2019


EST / Most active time 4PM-2AM EST, We are primarily EST but we work with all TZs


  • Flashpoints
  • Conquest
  • Roleplay
  • Social/hanging out
  • Leveling
  • Crafting
  • Dueling / Tournaments
  • Open World PvP
  • Dailies
  • Heroics

Active Members

50+, 8-15 during prime time

Guild Level

1 Republic / 18 Imperial

Operations Groups


Guild Description

Clan Saxon is a mandalorian based guild we do everything from RP to PVP we are always looking for more to do or try out check us out you may enjoy it!

Guild Requirements

Activity and a healthy environment is what we are based around. We are friends in this guild we always help one another and we will always help you if you need it. No RP required no PVP required come in and enjoy!

How to Join

Just message one of our officers IG or on Discord we will get back to you asap! -Xunn Karad


We stay on small yield but have never missed a week of getting our goal!

Flagship: The Redemption

1/15 Rooms unlocked
Still being worked on