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Clan TexlaHeavy RP-PVP Mandalorian Clan (est. 2012) "Family is more than blood" - Join us in battle!


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August 30, 2019


EST / /Most active time 8 PM - 1 AM


PvP Conquest Roleplay Dueling / Tournaments Open World PvP Dailies

Active Members

35+, 10-12 during prime time

Guild description


While Clan Texla repaired their battle-damaged dreadnought and took part in a Crusade of allied Mandalorian clans, their home on Rishi had been attacked by the Republic. The Mandalorian warriors stationed there sent out an emergency broadcast to the fleet: they had been pushed back and couldn't hold out much longer.

The fleet moved to orbit Rishi, launching multiple shuttles with scouting parties aboard. Upon landing, they discovered that the Republic had succeeded in defeating the Mandalorians stationed there, and established heavy defenses on the shoreline. Assaulting the beach will be challenging, and the leaders move forward with preparations.


"Looking to prove yourself in battle, grow in honor and earn glory? Want to fight alongside brothers and sisters who will have your back until the very end? Mandalorians and mercenaries are being offered a chance to earn a place in Clan Texla, through the Newblood program. - 'Aliit ori'shya tal'din': family is more than blood."



Clan Texla is a solid guild established in 2012, currently led by Alor Crixul Texla, supported by a diverse group of officers.

We welcome Mandalorian roleplayers as well as newcomers to this style of roleplay (and provide IC training as well as out of character RP and/or PVP guidance, if desired).

We are a group of adults (men and women) who take pride in fostering a healthy RP-PVP environment both in guild and on the server.

Our activities range from regular (unranked) warzone nights, roll-based RP events, an actively used guild ship where spontaneous RP happens daily, in guild battle circles (roll-based and PVP combat), IC mentor/mentee relationships for new recruits, all in a friendly atmosphere. You don't need to be an expert roleplayer or PVPer to join us. Simply be willing to invest yourself in the clan life with goodwill.

We offer an ego-free friendly environment where you can simply log in, kill enemies in warzones, roleplay, and have a good time. Texla's unity is its strength: everyone stands together IC, everyone fights united, everyone has a voice - the Alor having the final say.

We hope to see you on the battlefield, either across from us or at our side. Oya!

Guild requirements

- RP-appropriate name
- No Sith Inquisitor casters (melee types are welcome, but must use blades instead of lightsabers)
- Willing to roleplay/act in a way that represents the guild well

We are recruiting roleplayers (beginners and experienced) interested in becoming a valued member of a Mandalorian clan and participating in RP, RP-PVP and PVP activities.

How to join

For more information, please contact Ves'oria (officer), Crixul (guild leader) or Asumä Hibiki (using ALT 132 for the ä) in game, or send a message to Soria#7125 on Discord.

We can answer any questions and set up an in game, in character interview (a one on one RP meeting with an officer).


Our guild participates in weekly small yield Conquest activities.