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Corvus / Korvus
Social APAC/Oceanic PvE & PvP Guild founded on Dalborra


Satele Shan




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

June 18, 2020


PST,AUST,GMT+12 / Most active time 8pm NZ/6pm AEDT - 12am NZ/10pm AEDT


  • Operations
  • PvP
  • Flashpoints
  • Conquest
  • Social/hanging out
  • Crafting
  • Datacron Hunting
  • World Bosses
  • Dueling / Tournaments
  • Galactic Starfighter
  • Open World PvP
  • Dailies
  • Heroics
  • Achievements

Active Members

20+, 10+ during prime time

Guild Level

94 Republic / 206 Imperial

Operations Groups

  • Story
  • Veteran

Guild Description

We are a social/casual cross-faction Guild here to have fun! We primarily operate in NZ/AEST friendly times but we welcome members from all over the world (we have members in WA, Singapore and other parts of Asia and the US). While we are a cross-faction Guild, we are more active on Imperial side than Republic side but activity on Republic side has been increasing!

We welcome any new or returning players and veterans alike.

If you like:

- PvP (mainly Regs and Open World)
- Operations (currently have 4 progression raid teams and 3 casual raid teams)
- Flashpoints
- Conquest (LARGE yield both factions)
- GSF (when it pops)
- Other in-game things
- Social Events and hanging out

This is the Guild for you! We do a little bit of everything!

For additional information, join our Discord server to read the Guild Rules, Guild Ranks and Guild Loot Rules (for Guild Operation runs).

Guild Requirements

- Have a sense of humour or an appreciation of humour (aka not easily offended, we are primarily Aussies/Kiwi's after all)
- Have fun and hang out with Guildies. We highly encourage being social but a mic is not required! Don't feel rushed to be social though, you can ease yourself in by joining voice for Operation runs and/or Guild Events.
- If you want to do harder content, a desire to learn and improve yourself and be receptive to feedback.
- Our conversations/chat can get a little NSFW so ideally, members should be 18+.

How to Join

The best way to join the Guild is to join our Discord server. Head to the #Recruitment channel to ask for a Guild Invite! Please change your Discord name to your main toon in guild or alternatively put your main toon in the guild in brackets so we know who you are and can give you the appropriate rank.


We participate in Conquest weekly on both sides. Our Imperial Guild invades LARGE yield and consistently gets 10 Million+ points each week. Our Republic Guild now also invades Large yield.

Flagship: Flagship: Corvus

15/15 Rooms unlocked

Flagship: Flagship: Korvus

15/15 Rooms unlocked