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FortitudeWell-established Republic raiding guild


Star Forge



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March 28, 2020


EST / /Most active time 4pm-11pm


Operations Flashpoints Crafting

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Story Veteran Master

Guild description

<Fortitude> is a well established Republic raiding guild, committed to the improvement of the raiding community on our server. Our members are tight knit, always working closely with each other, giving constructive criticism to help us all perform and clear content at the highest level we can. Raiding is our #1 passion, but our members also engage in other group activities, such as pvp and FPs. We have a guild Discord server, where guildies chat and hang out when not in game. We also use it for voice comms when grouping.

Currently, <Fortitude> has three raid teams:

- Resurrection: NiM/MM Progression
The original roster of this team started the guild, back in 2015. Nowadays, they are an Apex NiM team, clearing the hardest raid content SWTOR can throw at them. They are currently preparing for NiM Dxun.

- Domino Squad: HM/VM Progression
This team started out as a brand new SM raiders team. They progressed through HM, and are currently working to clear Hardmare content, before tackling the NiM difficulty. Their latest clear is HM Revan.

- Tusken City Raiders (HM/VM Progression): The newest team in the guild. They have a bunch of eager raiders, and are honing their craft as they progress through HM content. Their latest clear is HM Torque.

Guild requirements

We are looking to recruit people who are looking for a home within the raiding community. We are a tight knit group, and enjoy making new friends. A desire to run operations is necessary, as our number one focus is raiding. We are recruiting SM, HM and NiM raiders. No previous operation experience required to join. We'll be more than happy to show you the ropes.

How to join

Contact Lorhin on Discord or Twitter.


Light conquest activity. We invade medium yield planets every week, but don't require members to go for conquest goals. Those who do tend to do it for the gear or crafting mats.
Flagship: Resurrection15/15 Rooms unlocked
Mostly decorated.