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Galactic InquisitionA guild all about doing things together instead of playing it solo.


Darth Malgus



Last Updated

March 7, 2019


CET / /Most active time 4PM - 9PM CET


Operations PvP Flashpoints Social/hanging out Levelling Datacron Hunting

Active Members

10+, 10-20 during prime time

Operations Groups


Guild description

Galactic Inquisition is a beginner-friendly casual guild, with focus on playing the game together and not alone (it's an MMORPG after all). We're a small guild, not looking to become huge, because we believe in quality over quantity.

If what you are interested in is to get to play swtor with friends and join a tight, non-competetive community, we are your guild.

Guild requirements

No strict requirement to join, but we are primarily looking for players eager to play with others or simply be social in chat.

How to join

Joining us is simple! Contact me on discord or whisper any member of Galactic Inquisition in-game.