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HeisentologyHeisentology is a parody of Scientology, with a bit of 3rd Street Saints thrown in.


Satele Shan



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March 22, 2019


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Guild rules

Guild rules

Guild description

Heisentology is an Imperial guild on the Satale Shan server featured in the Youtube LP series starring UchihaDrew and Tashdacat. (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkgF1wrhnNwcHpgMLqQkvFMSv29LKDY-3)

Heisentology is a parody of Scientology, with a bit of 3rd Street Saints thrown in. The "cult"/guild itself springs from an in-story quest mission, where our leader started his own cult.

We are Imperial only...for now. One day, YOU could be the brave brother and/or sister that carries our glorious flag to The Republic.

But for now we bide our time.

[FOR HEISENBERG! - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkgF1wrhnNwcHpgMLqQkvFMSv29LKDY-3]

Guild requirements

As we're parodying cults and pyramid schemes, be sure to gag it up and sell it. Be sure to say "We're not a cult" alot.

If you need a referral link then use this one: http://www.swtor.com/r/sFm9qB

I've relaxed the rules on invasion so anyone at "Cultist" rank or above should be able to invade planets. Go nuts and enjoy yourselves, so long as you do it for the GLORY OF HEISENBERG!

All members are encouraged to coordinate resources and skills when they can, for the good of the guild and it's glorious master.

Members at "Cultist" rank or above are to wear guild colours. Purple is the primary. The secondary is as close to Gold as you can get (yellow, orange, brown(?) whatever).

We're noob friendly here. Questions are welcome here.

Don't do anything to make me regret rushing these rules.

How to join

You can join via the subreddit, discord, or by commenting on one of the SWTOR videos in the linked playlist. Once you've done that, then the arrangements will be made.