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House CyredathemHouse Cryedathem is a heavy RP guild, 18 . We also do PvP and PvE.


Star Forge





Last Updated

March 27, 2019


EST / /Most active time 9PM EST


PvP Flashpoints Roleplay Social/hanging out Dueling / Tournaments Heroics

Active Members

20+, 12 during prime time

Guild rules

Guild rules

Guild description

<House Cyredathem> is currently recruiting! House Cyredathem is an 18 guild, heavy in plot based Rp. We partake and run PvE and PvP events along side our Rp. The guild focuses and revolves around a noble Pureblood Sith house lead by Darth Tevas. Our guild has many exciting and interactive facets for all flavors of Rp. Be it political, military, study, or social there is a place for all walks of life within the empire.

Come and explore the Drowned Academy instructed by Darth Cer’vus. Find knowledge previously thought lost to the Dark Side and learn the philosophy of the Sith. Hone your skills with the force or saber combat and gain prowess through combat with fellow students and Overseers. Learn the secrets of Sith Alchemy and transform beasts and sentient beings alike for war or scientific purposes. Learn the power of the dark side to destroy your enemies or unlock the hidden places of the mind. Enroll your acolyte and see them transformed into the next generation of Sith.

FALL IN! ATTENTION! DRESS RIGHT DRESS! READY, FRONT. COVER! House Cyredathem grows every day in military strength and prowess. Military command is run by Captain Gaeltria and Colonel Solari’s. Their leadership within the house upholds the honor and traditions of the Imperial military. We are accepting all branches of military within our ranks. Imperial Navy to man the CSS Temperance. Imperial Army and Marines, when the ground gets hot and duty calls for battle. And finally, special forces for delicate operations that requires small tactical strike squads.

Enjoy living life on the edge? Is your battlefield a packed Cantina filled with informants and loose lips? Do you enjoy dancing within the shadows to learn secrets and mysteries of the galaxy or have a knack for hiding in plain sight at the right moments? Perhaps the thrill of the hunt and desire for knowledge is your driving force. House Cyredathem’s intelligence team lead by the infamous ‘Little Bird’ collects data from all over the galaxy to curb potential threats to the Empire including from within.

Guild requirements

To join House Cryedathem you must be 18 as well as filling out an application on our Enjin page.

How to join

To join, follow this link and fill out an application. https://cyredathem.enjin.com/recruitment