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IlluminàughtyCasual Friendly Non Elitist Social Guild 18+ only please ((NO ERP))


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May 11, 2021




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2+, 2 during prime time

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Guild description

casual and friendly 18+ Social/RP/PVE guild, we do host parties every fridays on our gship! everyone is welcome to join us for music and dancing and socializing with friends/party goers, the music is hosted by the guild co-leader and my gf, she plays EDM/Pop/Remix/Nightcore/Requests, we are recruiting but joining the guild isnt a requirment to enjoy the party :) keep an eye out in gen chat on fridays near or at 9 PM EST, we enjoy doing Ops and Flashpoints but we do not PVP, if interested in joining please leave your ego at the door, thanks :)

Guild requirements

dont be a jerk and dont be egotistical, we are just a small guild just me and my gf looking for friendly and casual people to play with and enjoy the game with. also please be 18+ we may not be an ERP guild but we do have alot of adult topics we talk about,

How to join

Message me ingame or on Discord, tell me a little bit about yourself and why you want to join us :)


we are not worried about conquest really tho we do try to meet our goal atleast, we are doing small atm but we can meet medium yield when we get more people :)
Flagship: Illuminaughty (thinking of a name for the gship)15/15 Rooms unlocked
fully decorated by my gf for RP and the command deck has the dancefloor for our parties on fridays.