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Kilo Battalion
With a spark of hope, we ignite the flames of victory.


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March 13, 2020




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Active Members

5+, 5 during prime time

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Guild Description

We are the Republic 144th Mobilized Infantry Battalion, also known as Kilo Battalion. A military guild that does RP/PVP/PVE. Fully Unlocked Stronghold and Flagship available. Message GM on discord or PM a recruiter in game, if you are interested in joining. (Currently in need of nco’s and officers. DM Colonel Ryse for more details, if you are interested.)

Guild Requirements

Remain active. Trooper/Smuggler Class only. No level requirements. RL comes before gaming.

How to Join

You may add Colonel Marius Ryse through discord or find a recruiter in game. Once you join, you will need to join our discord and changed your nickname to your IG name, (which we will provide a link,) and you will be assigned a uniform. More details on how will follow after you join in.

Flagship: R.S.S. Star Hawk

15/15 Rooms unlocked
The R.S.S. Star Hawk is a retrofitted Valor Class Cruiser, acting as strike craft and troop carrier, and as The Headquarters of Kilo Battalion. It is escorted by a few escort class and frigate class ships and is outfitted with the latest technology the Republic has to offer. Along with more hangars than a regular Valor Class Cruiser, that provide ground support and air cover, while mobilizing an enitre battalion of troops onto a certain planet. Making invasions and occupations last for a few months, before the ship resupplies at the nearest Republic Space Station. This ship is also outfitted with an experimental weapon known as The Orbital Ion Strike Cannon (OIS). Able to electronically disable an area of targets at a certain position over a planet.