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Knights of the Dark Side
We are the place to be for any and all Republic dark side characters, Dark Jedi and more!


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November 11, 2022


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150+, 12-18 during prime time

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Guild Description

Knights of the Dark Side seeks to provide a solid and reliable, no strings attached guild for any Republic dark-side characters to join, be they brutally efficient and merciless Troopers, ruthless and corrupt pirates and smugglers, Dark Jedi seeking to break the chains of the Council, or even Grey Jedi following destiny and change. Our guild strikes a threefold balance between high-level PvE activities and leveling, Roleplay, or simply hanging out to discuss the game, lore, and getting to know other Star Wars fans. Participation in anything is not required, but promotion in the guild is generally based on PvE and roleplay activity. We are also searching for officers.

Our roleplay aspect does indeed have a story behind it, a conspiracy involving a secret society of Dark Jedi and their allies in the Republic government and military aimed towards the goal of rebuilding or replacing the Republic as a less democratic and more tightly unified opponent to the Sith Empire. The guild's roleplay often involves heavy references to the events, characters, and factions presented in both KOTOR games, and takes a heavy influence overall from the story of the Jedi and soldiers who followed Revan to the dark side at the end of the Mandalorian Wars.

Guild Requirements

There are no restrictions on who may join Knights of the Dark Side. As our Guild's name and theme indicates, dark side characters are ideal, but by no means necessary to join with. Our guild's casual and event roleplay can be made to accommodate any kind of character. Players who have played both KOTOR 1 and 2 in full will also have a much easier time understanding the guild's basis and theme, as we are highly influenced by the actions of Revan and Malak in the E.U.

How to Join

Currently the lowest ranks do not have invite permissions, therefore an officer or any member ranking above the first tier of ranks must be whispered in-game for an invite. Our Discord server is open to anyone and one might choose to join it to leave a message stating their intent to add a character into the guild. We also post recruitment advertisements frequently in Republic Fleet general chat, or in Tython and Ord Mantell general chat.


Large yield.

Flagship: The Shadow of Malachor

15/15 Rooms unlocked