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April 24, 2020


EST / /Most active time 4-10pm


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25 +, 5 during prime time

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Guild description

*We are a small guild for right now. We come from a larger guild called Heroes and Scoundrels on the Republic side. we wanted to specialize in PVP and RP to give SWTOR players a choice in doing things they loved to do within the game. So many guilds say they pvp or rp, but after joining, one finds that PVE is really their specialty.(which is great, if that's what you love) We do some PVE, but we are not the kind of guild that schedules Operations or other such events. We will join together for a group FP and we do work together to earn our Conquest for the week.
*Our goal as a guild is to grow, train, practice, understand class roles and how to defeat classes in pvp. We will have weekly practices to build confidence, help create your character build, and help with gearing up. We welcome any experience level, so long as you are open to feedback and if you are experienced, you are willing to share your knowledge in a kind, constructive and non judgmental kind of way.
*In RP, we seek to create a community where people feel welcome and comfortable rping in the manner they choose. Our RP coordinators have developed lore to help you with your character identity and have a lot of helpful hints on how to introduce and develop your character. You can be any level and have no experience or you can have a lot of experience.
We have a killer stronghold on Rishi, 2 decked out arenas for PVP and lots of cool areas in which RP. And there are plenty of un decorated areas that RP can really make their own,

Guild requirements

Must be mature, willing to help others, able to join discord and participate. There is to be no drama in this guild (apart from that created in rp) Must be willing to follow our rules of engagement in both pvp and rp. A good sense of humor is a must. You should not be a pvp elitist or a person looking only to hook up in rp. We are part of a larger community that includes Heroes and Scoundrels (PUB side) and Villains and Rogues (IMP side). We believe in achieving objectives honorably and do not use any loopholes to exploit for gains.

How to join

You can join by whispering a member that is online and asking for an invite. You will start as a recruit until you have made connections with others in the guild and they can vouch for you. As we are a growing guild, opportunities fro advancement are possible, if you should initiative, common sense and communicate with others.


We participate weekly and we motivate each other and are rewarded by the gm
Flagship: The Paladin