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April 9, 2019


Roleplay Social/hanging out

Guild description

The notorious RP Bounty hunting/Body-Guarding/Freelancer/Private Security/Merc guild is back.

/////Tired of always looking over your shoulder as you count the measly take from that last job? Fed up with people looking down at you in your hand-me-down, second hand armour? Terrified of your spaceship, which by the looks of it, is only one more jump to the scrapyard? Need a crew to get absolutely shitfaced with?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then contact your nearest Mantis recruiter today, you won’t regret it. Due to expansions we’re now hiring Mando’ade, Freelance hunters, brawlers, slicers, pilots, starship engineers, marksmen, trackers..well just about anyone. Come on down to the Slippery Slopes Cantina and ask for one of our captains.//////

We’re a Social/medium-heavy RP/PVE guild with an emphasis on storytelling and character development.