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New Order of SithRLACF - Real Life ALWAYS Comes First. They may leave, but they always come back.


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August 15, 2022


PST,CST,EST / /Most active time 7 or 8 PM (EST) are usually peak hours.


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Active Members

45+, 30 during prime time

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Guild description

The <New Order of Sith> is recruiting. We are a 300+ character RP/PvE guild with a Master/Apprentice system. We also have Sith, military, intel ranks, and an Academy system among other things. Something for everyone! New RP’ers are welcome! We welcome players who are both new and returning, always happy to help people out! Starting with easy things first to get everyone adjusted. We are all-inclusive and proudly support the LGBTQIA+ Community. While by far and away, RP is the most prominent part of our guild, we do accept non-RP players as well, no issue with that at all. We hope that you give us a chance to be your "forever" home/guild, seeing as this guild isn't just a gaming community. It's an ever-expanding family, and we'd be happy to make the family keep on growing. Happy gaming!

Guild requirements

There are no true requirements really, except for our Discord Server. Our mantra/motto, as mentioned in the motto line, is RLACF. We obviously care about your in-game characters, but we care more about the person sitting in front of their computer than we do about the pixels that represent you in-game. The health and wellbeing of our members is PARAMOUNT.

How to join

If you're interested you can PM me on discord @The Joyous Knight#1642.


Our guild participates in weekly Conquest events, and we vary the yield difficulty every so often.
Flagship: The Steadfast15/15 Rooms unlocked
Our flagship is fully unlocked, as well as our Stronghold!