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Nomadic Republic / Nomadic EmpireSocial community looking to grow and have fun together!


Star Forge




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

June 28, 2020


PST,MST,CST,EST / /Most active time 6PM - midnight PDT


Operations Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Levelling Dailies

Active Members

30+, 10-12 during prime time

Guild level

60 Republic / 40 Imperial

Operations Groups


Guild description

Our community started as a group of players in another game who wanted to play SW:TOR together. We've recently started expanding into more games: we have a Classic WoW division, several members who play Minecraft and Path of Exile, and a budding Elder Scrolls Online guild! Many of our guild members have never played SW:TOR before, so they get to experience all of this content for the first time with us. We're able to get together an 8-man operation group pretty consistently and have done every operation on story mode except Temple of Sacrifice and Gods From the Machine on our Republic characters. While we were primarily focused on our Republic guild at first, we now have enough high-level Imperial characters to justify switching back and forth between the Republic and Imperial guilds every week.

Guild requirements

Friendly attitude :)

How to join

Get in contact with Aflixia (Republic) or Innflixxion (Empire) or Aflixion Starr#6652 on Discord to get an invite to the guild. You can also join our discord server directly and mention that this guild listing sent you there. One of our admins will get you situated.


We target a medium yield planet for both guilds every week. If we start to consistently hit 5M points on our focused guild for the week (since we switch off between Republic and Empire), we'll consider upping the focused guild to large yield.
Flagship: Eagle Five6/15 Rooms unlocked
Flagship: Spaceball One0/15 Rooms unlocked