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Satele Shan



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December 12, 2019


Operations PvP Conquest Social/hanging out Levelling Crafting World Bosses Heroics

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45+, 10-20 during prime time

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Story Veteran Master

Guild description

We are a hyper social raiding guild, determined to walk the fine line between guild that clears hard content, and guild that teaches and passes on knowledge. Most raiding guilds start to adopt an elitist mentality very quickly, anyone who doesn't already know how to be a raider is shunned, even though those doing the shunning at one time didn't know how to be a raider. We do not allow that environment to foster within Organized Chaos. We always take the time to teach mechanics to new raiders, I've personally set aside my time on numerous occasions to explain game systems, utility distribution, ability rotations, etc. to some random new player.

If you're a raider looking for a place to call home where the people are friendly and don't treat others like garbage, or a player who has always felt like they were on the outside looking in at the raiding community, we have a home for you.

Guild requirements

We have no specific requirements to join. Advancement within the guild is purely a meritocracy. Not just being active, but being active in guild activities. Showing up for scheduled raids/world bosses/heroics, performing well, making an active effort to get better will all raise you up through the ranks.

How to join

Reply on official forums, message Xillin or anyone else in Organized Chaos in game to inquire about joining. Thread: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=960438
Flagship: Harbinger of Chaos