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Darth Malgus




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

January 25, 2020


GMT,CET,GMT+2 / /Most active time CET: 8 PM - 12 PM


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Active Members

20+, ~10 during prime time

Guild level

93 Republic / 30 Imperial

Operations Groups

Story Veteran

Guild description

We are a friendly, chill guild and our aim is to have fun, success and to help each other. We don't judge other based on how they play or how long they've played - we help eachother: veterans as well as new people to the game.
The guild was based on Progenitor until the merge, now Darth Malgus, and is three years old this year.
Formerly during our Progenitor days we conquered Taris, Balmorra and Quesh. During our Darth Malgus time we got Ilum and Iokath.
We use discord as our way of planning events, in rare occasions we will use the in-game mail, but we'll get better at using it.

Guild requirements

- Friendly persona
- Join events here and there
- No level requirement as well as age requirement, but we do like to have mature people
- No unnecessary drama
- At least have a discord, as we use that for voice communication during operations etc.

How to join

You can either join by whispering the following members in game for republic side invite:
Dura Cell
Asori Kilvari
Supremelord ofgays

Or contact the following on discord:
Dura Dankmark#9340

For imperial contact Mortis-vael via in-game mail or whisper.


Medium yield planets for the republic side and small yield planet for imp before 6.0. We're going for Large yield planets in conquest.
Flagship: Panic Station15/15 Rooms unlocked
We have a cantina :) It gets decorated in December
Flagship: The Fortuitous Gift1/15 Rooms unlocked