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Raíders of Valhalla / Harbingers of Valhalla
6 year old Viking alliance - a world wide group of friends who enjoy savage pillaging


Satele Shan




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

January 3, 2020


PST,EST,GMT,AUST,GMT+2 / Most active time Worldwide


  • Operations
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  • Conquest
  • Social/hanging out
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Active Members

~400+, 20-30 during prime time

Guild Level

75 Republic / 200 Imperial

Operations Groups

  • Story
  • Veteran
  • Master

Guild Description

This week: giving away a Defiant Vented Lightsaber (Kylo Ren ~50 mil ) to a member for posting a Star Wars joke, meme or parody in Star Wars Brouhaha channel in discord. Will random among entries.

Welcome to Harbingers of Valhalla! This is a multi-game multi-guild Viking Alliance and group of friends! SWTOR Imperial-side guild on Satele Shan (formerly The Harbinger) is our main SWTOR guiild.. Raiders of Valhalla is our pub-side guild. You can get invites and contact members from outside of guild by typing /cjoin rov on both factions.

Our ESO guild is on PCNA and you can get an invite by sending a mail to @lasagnasurfer

<<<<<< HISTORY >>>>>>
Originally named Raiders of Valhalla, we were primarily a Nordic countries guild with guild chat frequently in Nordic languages. When guild leadership was passed to Zwoop in 2014 we became a world-wide guild and have had members from every corner of the globe.

When server merges messed with the naming conventions, we switched to Harbingers of Valhalla on the IMP side guild to avoid the mess that <Raiders of Valhalla @ The Harbinger> looked taking up the entire screen. We have a third guild on IMP side for infrequently played alts but still want a Valhalla tag <Valkyries of Valhalla>.

<<<<<< FOCUS >>>>>>
We focus primarily on operations and pvp with a great deal of GSF pilots. We also have a lot of achievement hunters and can help you get your pvp planetary achievements easily. We nearly always go large yield on IMP side and large or medium on PUB side and we always get guild conquest rewards. A lot of group activities throughout the day and if one isn't going on, just make it!

We allow all members (except thralls) to use guild funds to summon. Becoming the first rank above thrall and being able to summon is as easy as signing up on the discord.

<<<<<< RULES >>>>>>
In guild chat/voice/discord/facebook: generally be nice to each other and have consideration for others such that everyone can enjoy the SWTOR universe.

#1. no real world politics, religion

#2. no sexism, racism, homophobia and no racial/xenophobic slurs

#3. adult language is allowed, but don't celebrate it

#4. no spamming, selling, or continuous self-promotion in guild chat/channel. Informing once in a while that you are streaming is okay.

#5. no begging. If you need help on an event, you may certainly ask for it.

#6. must use Push To Talk in voice chat. (no voice activation except in the Skaði's Vengeance (no ptt), we don't need to hear you everytime you blow your nose or your mom yells at you to do the dishes)

#7. Everyone must have a legacy name in game and your name in this channel.

#8. don't be a dick

#9. When competing for a title on a conquest planet, do not put points in a competing guild. You can be in other guilds, but actively working against us is just obviously common sense a lack of loyalty.

#10. Don't ragequit any operation or event. If you need to leave or don't want to do the event anymore, tell your comrades so they can replace you and not wonder what is going on. Ragequitting is an instant guild ban, it's rude and your comrades deserve better.

#11. Guild bank funds are for summoning, guild ship operations, paying out prizes and repairs for HM/NiM progression teams (paid out from officers).

<<<<<<GUILD RANKS>>>>>>>

Jarl: - Leader of this Viking Clan
The Jarl is the son of the god Rig in Norse mythology. In Scandinavian it is the equivalent rank of "Earl"

Dróttinn: Alts of Jarl
Drottin is a lord, chief or king. It can also be a heathen priest.

Hersne: Senior Officers, authorised and capable of making nearly any decision about the guild.

Huskarl: Officers, leaders and captains of battle
Personal guards and close advisors to Lords and Kings

Berserker: Champion Veterans
Berserkers are Champion Norse warriors who fought in trance-like fury.
These are warriors who have shown special and long time allegiance to the guild, including former Jarls who no longer are leading. Only the Jarl choose Berserkers.

Thegn: Senior Veterans
The thegn/thane is an aristocratic soldier who would serve closely with Jarls and other Viking leaders. Depending on the leader a Thegn was attached to could be equivalent to Baron (when thane to a King) or Knight (more commonly).

Skull Drinker: Lead Veterans - earned by Rekkr who get first by legacy in guild conquest.
Vikings who voraciously drink from the skulls of their defeated enemies

Rekkr: Accomplished Veterans - Earned by Skipari who get 100k conquest in a single week.
Carries the spirit of Warrior within their soul and is recognized not by their occupation but by their bravery and deeds in life
Skipari: Veterans
Skipari are Viking ship pilots and captains.

Drengr: Warriors
Drengr are esteemed Viking warriors.

Dances with Goat: Member
Sometimes Vikings danced with goats. Maybe.

Thrall: Recruit
A thrall was a serf or slave in Scandinavian Viking culture.

Guild Requirements

While we are generally an endgame guild, we do allow first time players to join as long as you are mature and fun (and do not beg for things). So no class/level/command rank requirements except that you must have a legacy name. Which means you must be at least level 10 and completed the first planet. Level 70 or level 10, you cannot be invited until you have a legacy name.

How to Join

Join our discord and ask for an invite to the guild. Or /cjoin rov on either side (pub or imp) and ask for invite. Sometime chat moves fasts or it's a slow time, if no one responds in the channel, then /who valhalla (on either side) and send a tell to anyone you see online asking for an invite.


Both sides compete in Large Yield nearly always (with the exception of new conquerable planets introduced, like Ossus where we were the first guild on the server to conquer it). While we don't concentrate on winning conquest anymore (because it gets grindy and not very much fun), in the past 5 years we've won 40-50 planets on IMP side and even a few on PUB side once in a while. We still stay in the top for all guilds on the server consistently without the stress and were recognized as one of the first guilds to max out XP/REP rewards in the new guild ranking system.

Flagship: Thor's Lightning

15/15 Rooms unlocked
Thor's Lightning is our Valor-Class Republic Cruiser.

Flagship: Ragnarök

15/15 Rooms unlocked
Ragnarök is our Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught, and arguably the classiest flagship this side of the Outer Rim. This is the #1 ship in the entire game and has been so for more than 2 years. -------- Both ships are always open for faction aligned visitors and can be accessed on fleet at the Starship terminals