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Reformed Sith EmpireLooking to grow stronger and better with time and dedication.


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November 4, 2019


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13+, 8 during prime time

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Guild description

We are looking for dedicated and casual/friendly players. We want to grow our size and increase our amount of rp being done. We don't have our rp take place or follow the current SWTOR timeline though it is in the same time period just following a different galactic story. We are open to new and interesting rp's and characters though we do not allow god modding or Over power characters. Rp realistically and be open minded!!! We're all here to have fun. Also Rp is not a job its a fun thing to do!!!

Guild requirements

1. Do not be disrespectful to your guildmates.
2. When using OOC (Out of Character) use (‘s an example would be (Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?)
3. When RPing (Roleplaying) use appropriate Chat channels /Say, /me, /e and in your sentences use Quotes for character Speech " Example:> “Hello. I am Darth Zin”
4. Your character does not know someone else’s without formally introducing them in character.
5. You cannot force the other persons character to say something or do an action. Use the word attempt or tries.
6. You can only use the knowledge your character knows in IC. IF my character knows force lighting, it can use it. But it cannot use force choke if I know it OOC.
7. No god-modding (Invincibility).
8. Character death is a thing. Be careful with what your character says or does. But character death WILL NOT be the first punishment to one’s character. You could also get someone else character killed, if you make a bad choice. If a character death happens, it will be questioned in and out of character.
9. Rolling and logical RP dueling are allowed but must be decided among the two duelists. If no agreement is reached. Someone who has a Darth+ account will assist. This person will be impartial.
10. The requirements to be in the guild are: A character backstory and IC introduction.

How to join

Simply pm me on discord or look out for my alt in game. Mailing in game would be a good way or mailing one of our other officers or Gm would be a great way to get in contact with us and get started on the process of learning about or joining the Reformed Sith Empire ! Officers are named in game as follows. Jadi'ra, Atroicus Opress, and Catherine Shae (me !). Our Gm and Empress is Mimi-Zin.


We typically do small yield planets and aim to meet conquest goals when we can. But we are a casual and RP based guild so doing so has taken time and we don't stress a focus on it and rather are looking for more rp based content increasing in volume and quality with the occasional Conquest grind or push here and there.
Flagship: None as of yet.0/15 Rooms unlocked
Flagship: The Risen3/15 Rooms unlocked
Our Empresses personal flagship IC and something we're working on growing and expanding with time and members.