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Republic United Forces / Empire United ForcesWe may be small, but we are slightly immature adults that know how to chill and relax


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Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

January 15, 2020


EST / /Most active time 5 PM to 2 AM EST


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Active Members

8+, 6 to 10 during prime time

Guild level

47 Republic / 41 Imperial

Operations Groups


Guild description

Most of us are adults, from all walks of life, and we just want to have a good time. We take a relaxed approach to playing the game. We have a grumpy old man, we have 3 generations of a family playing, and we are friendly to folks that don't quite fit in. We also have members that are deaf, autistic, or have other health issues. We also don't require voice chat for operations, although it is encouraged because it does make things easier to coordinate. I must caution that most of us have a delightful sense of humor.

We run Friday night ops at 10 pm EST, Sunday night at 10 pm EST, and Sat is our guild group activity night
Be aware that we only do SM. HM is not high on our agenda. We just want to have a good time and not stress out.

Guild requirements

We don't have any requirements. All we ask is that you cause no drama. We prefer to be chill, relaxed and low key.

How to join

We don't have recruiters so just keep an eye out for members online and whisper them using /who on the search option. Or ask on SWTOR Guild Finder on Discord, the Guildmaster has a presence there.

You can also slip into our Discord channel and ask questions. GM is usually present in Discord from 12 am to midnight EST.

The characters the GM plays vary from week to week since she does have alts, but she does tend to be more on Felahiran, Yrodissar, Krawocan, Kirotherax and Zychavor.


We alternate factions weekly. One week is Republic, next week is Imperial, 3rd week is Republic, 4th week is Imperial. You get the drift. All conquest activities are optional and not required.
Flagship: The Sober Spectres1/15 Rooms unlocked
Functional with just the bare essentials
Flagship: Marr's Revenge1/15 Rooms unlocked
Functional with just the bare essentials.