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Runaway / RejectPart of R Alliance / Casual Friendly / 18+ / Zeal Set Bonus / Conquest Guild / XP Bonus


Star Forge




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

January 19, 2022




Operations PvP Ranked PvP Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Leveling Crafting Datacron Hunting World Bosses Dueling / Tournaments Galactic Starfighter Open World PvP Dailies Heroics Achievements

Active Members

1900+, 120 during prime time

Guild level

47 Republic / 64 Imperial

Operations Groups

Story Veteran Master

Guild description

R Alliance is recruiting home to the guilds Reserve, Royalty, Reject, Runaway, Revenge and Reflex

Who are we?
We are R Alliance, R Alliance being made up of 6 guilds. These guilds being Reserve , Royalty, Reject, Runaway, Revenge and Reflex. We strive for activity nothing less. We are an activity guild, we do not require our members to gain conquest points or to attend guild events. Join the Largest Clan Family on the Star Forge Server Join us on our mission, become better then yourself and join R Alliance today!

What kind of guild are we?
We are an Activity guild first always but we are casual friendly conquest guild. But what does Activity guild mean? It means we strive to keep the guilds flowing with active members every single day. To ensure our members always have an active guild to come home to. We understand its a game but no one wants a dead guild.

What we offer
- 5,500+ Members across all our guilds!
- Largest Clan Family on the Star Forge Server
- Casual Friendly Guild
- Activity Guild
- Conquest Guild
- Star Forge Server for every Guild
- 420 Friendly / Alcohol Friendly
- 1,000+ member discord
- Fully Boosted Discord Server(80+ Boost)
- Custom Discord invite Link
- Reserve - Empire side guild 950+ active members
- Reject - Empire side guild 950+ active members
- Revenge - Empire side guild 950+ active members
- Royalty - Republic side guild 950+ active members
- Runaway - Republic side guild 950+ active members
- Reflex - Republic side guild 950+ active members
- 14d inactivity kick for members to make sure the guild stays active
- PVE/PVP/OPS/Casual
- 18+ Guild/Discord Server
- Active Discord VC
- Heroics/Flashpoints/World Bosses
- Giveaways/Events
- Max XP Boost
- Fully Unlocked Guild Perks / Zeal Set Bonus
- Decorated Guild Ship and Base in all of our guilds
- New Player Friendly
- Teaching guild/Learning guild

Why join us?
- 5% Alacrity buff
- No Conquest point requirement
- Anyone can /ginvite
- 1 million credits for the guild repair funds/guild summons for all members in all of our guilds
- Active Guilds
- Active Discord with people that actually use voice chats
- A place where players can learn how to gear and how to do ops
- Bi-Weekly Conquest Events for all our guilds (CREDIT REWARDS FOR TOP 10)
- Weekly Giveaways for 500million-1billion credits and 5.5k cartel coins
- No Alt Limit
- Usually 60+ members online in all of our guilds during peak hours

Looking for Laid back and chill adults who dont mind a few guild rules

Guild requirements

18+ to join any of our guilds. 14 day inactivity kick. You can always be invited back!

How to join

Please join our discord and type in #need-invite and we will send you an invite as soon as we can! We are also always recruiting in game so watch out for those recruitment messages!


Runaway - We fight in all yields. Reject - We fight in all yields.