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Stonewall Alliance / Stonewall CoalitionThe Stonewall guilds are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and ally community.


Satele Shan




Republic & Imperial

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October 21, 2019




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Guild description

The Stonewall guilds (Knights of Stonewall and Lords of Stonewall) are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight-ally community. We take great pride in providing a safe and helpful gaming environment minus the usual homophobic stressors of the gaming world for like-minded individuals wishing to be part of a great community.

Located on The Satele Shan server, we have guilds to house both Republic and Imperial characters!

Stonewall Alliance – Republic
Stonewall Coalition – Empire

Our guilds are a part of a much larger community known as the Stonewall Gaming Network. We have over 500 members world-wide within our gaming network with guilds located in games such as Star Trek Online, Guild Wars 2, and Neverwinter. Discord is also available!

Guild requirements

There are no arduous application processes, no donations, and no in-game meetings required to join us. All that is needed is a registered account on our website (you must activate the account via the activation message sent to the email address you provide during registration). Once you have registered on our website, we can then proceed to the in-game guild invite. We look forward to meeting you!