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The Council of ShadowsRP guild seeking to liberate the galaxy and undermine the great powers from the shadows.


Satele Shan





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January 5, 2020




PvP Flashpoints Conquest Roleplay Social/hanging out Dueling / Tournaments Open World PvP Dailies Heroics

Active Members

110+, 8+ during prime time

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Guild description

The Council of Shadows is an independent organization seeking to establish itself in the Galaxy by opposing both the Empire and Republic, believing both to be incredibly flawed. But rather than take them both head on, the Council instead seeks to wage a war from the shadows, using covert methods and manipulation to oppose the major factions within the galaxy.

The Council is structured and segmented into different areas for different characters and interests and has a character sheet and combat based roleplaying system for RP events and missions. Discord is not required but heavily encouraged.

Guild requirements

Willingness to RP and a serious name for said RP.

How to join

Simply by contacting any trusted member of the guild currently online or through in-game mail.


Our guild tends to lean towards small yield conquest planets for now but would not mind competing for medium yield planets when we grow as time goes on.
Flagship: The Dread Shadow1/15 Rooms unlocked
An Imperial dreadnought that has been heavily modified over the years by Council technicians and engineers. The Shadow earns it's name due to prototype stealth technology used to conceal the entire Flagship, at the cost of less firepower and shielding capabilities in the event of combat.