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The Benevolent Republic / The Malevolent Empire
We are a primary RP guild with many in depth systems for you to explore.


Star Forge




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

September 10, 2022


PST,MST,CST,EST / Most active time 6pm - 12am EST


  • Flashpoints
  • Conquest
  • Roleplay
  • Social/hanging out
  • Leveling
  • Datacron Hunting
  • Dueling / Tournaments
  • Heroics

Active Members

30+, 2 - 4 during prime time

Guild Level

16 Republic / 41 Imperial

Guild Description

The Sith rule over the galaxy as the Jedi and republic are in disarray. Many new factions rise up to try and claim the mantle as rivals to the Sith Empire. Many wonder if the Jedi will ever return to stop the galactic rule of the Sith Empire. With the Sith Empire at the peak of its power, many infightings begin. Will you survive? Will you rise up in the empire or will you work as a mercenary making money as you watch the world burn around you? Meanwhile, for thousands of years, the Jedi have been keepers of peace throughout the galaxy. But they are divided. The scars of the last war have left the order fractured and broken. And with the oppression of the Sith Empire and their jedi hunters breathing down the neck of the Republic, hope seems lost. Can even the greatest darkness be extinguished by light? Will you join the cause and fight for justice or will you work as a smuggler, doing odd jobs for profit and plundering the galaxy?

The Malevolent Empire and The Benevolent Republic are two RP guilds in the MMO Star Wars the Old Republic. We are a welcoming community looking for more members to join us in our ever-growing guild story. In our guilds, we have a certain progression system for all imperial and republic classes in the game, we have furnished strongholds and other guild perks. We host RP events, our community leaders are always around to give a helping hand. In these guilds, you can make a character however you want, no one can kill your character unless given permission or if certain rules IC have been broken. We have a system for all classes to rank up in the guilds. Will you start off as an unknown mercenary and rise up to gain fame and fortune? Show the galaxy that an acolyte can become one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy, or you will become a republic trooper that can single-handedly take out an entire squadron of enemies with just a pistol and the finest weaponry republic credits can buy. Your story starts here. Come join the battle for galactic conquest......I hope to see you there.

Our location is the Star Forge server in Star Wars the Old Republic. We recently moved from the Satele Shan server and are looking for creative and fun people to join us!

Guild Requirements

Discord, Experience with Roleplay, Respectful to others when out of character situations. No god modders, and no meta gamers.

How to Join

Contact either one of the listed discord members or join the discord to get an invite to the guild on SWTOR

Flagship: The Benevolence

0/15 Rooms unlocked

Flagship: The Malevolence

4/15 Rooms unlocked