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Mando Cabure
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Last Updated

May 22, 2023


PST / Most active time 1730-2230


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30+, 20 during prime time

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Guild Description

Updated 1.26.23

Mando Cabure is an ambitious, active, knowledgeable, established, no bullshit guild focusing endgame operations and content, specifically R4 Anomaly, NiM, and the harder stuff that no one in their right mind wants to underman.

We're not for everyone, and we're ok with that. Being Mandalorian isn't about exuding the biggest (E)RP energy, while double stacking relics and neglecting to put color crystals in your mainhand / offhand, and wearing that e-cosplay you spent your (pixelated) life savings on. It's about embracing the suck, acknowledging your shortcomings, overcoming your insecurities, and doing, not saying.

If you're the type that:

- Literally needs a full group to Raid SM.
- Only has 16M Raid Cheevos.
- Only runs content (1) time for cheevos.
- Constantly talks about shit you did in Expac X.0
- Mythic level raided in WoW, but only with Curse Client telling you all the things.
- Don't know what a DCD / Your interrupt is and have them hotbarred.
- Literally think you have the biggest dick in the room.

Then you're probably not going to do so well in our guild. If you're willing to learn, have a can do attitude, and aren't afraid to push yourself to the breaking point, then transform and go harder, then we want you!

Yes we still do 4M Raid Clears in 7.x (In 306 gear w/ no set bonuses and on livestream). Yes we will help you achieve your in-game ambitions. Yes we actually do IRL Guild Mixers in Las Vegas, NV. Yes we're a tight-knit, foul mouthed, group of adults that aren't going to put up with your bullshit.

With that said, if the above hasn't dissuaded you, you can adapt to situations, do mechanics, and not tunnel vision in content, then contact us and know we're currently focusing the following:

- Competent raider recruitment.
- NiM Content.
- R4 HM Team.
- 6M or less HM project.
- Dreadful and Hateful Entities, Ancient Threat.

We have long memories. Remember all those 16M NiM / HM farm only guilds running their mouths in 6.0? They're oddly quiet in 7.x, still stuck in SM prog and NiM Nefra only...oh wait and 16M only HM runs...

We don't do paid runs and we focus Aliit over Aruetiise. Aliit, Ijaat, Manda'yaim!

Guild Requirements

Be chill, have fun, don't give up. Your ego is your worst enemy. Being Mando is embracing your strengths, and realizing that your brother's strengths makes your weaknesses manageable. Word of warning, you will probably become a guild meme. Willing to teach if you're receptive to learn, no BS, we say it like it is.

How to Join

Fastest Method: DM Tereus#1572 or princesskenny#7964 on Discord.


Weekly Large Yield CQ met.

Flagship: Vengeance

15/15 Rooms unlocked