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The Shadow Guard / Mando CabureTight-Knit Community, Active Leadership, Everything Guild.


Satele Shan




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

January 20, 2020


CST / /Most active time 1730-2230


Operations PvP Ranked PvP Flashpoints Conquest Roleplay Social/hanging out Levelling Crafting Datacron Hunting World Bosses Dueling / Tournaments Open World PvP Dailies Heroics Achievements

Active Members

50++, 30-40@ US CST 1930 during prime time

Guild level


Operations Groups

Story Veteran Master

Guild description

Su cuy'gar Vod! Pehea cuyir gar ibi'tuur?

<Mando Cabure> is an ambitious, active, knowledgeable, established guild focusing PVP|PVE|CQ. If you're looking to progress in-game and guild, We got your six. We're a tight knit community of gamers with chill leadership.

What we can offer you:
-New|Returning|Solo Player|Veteran? We got you. We offer Class / Raid mentoring, gearing help, guides, and we get that vet humor.
-Casual Player? No Problem. We give advance notice to purges, and you can always come back!
-Introvert? Take a while to warm up? No worries. We only require discord for raids, and you don't have to speak, but we highly encourage all to join discord and make some friends!
-Ambitious? Good. People who are to stubborn to die, set goals, reach them, and make new ones are our kind of people! Let us know your aspirations in game and we'll help you achieve them!
-Like story telling | Decorating | Making pretty outfits? Cool. We're working on a pilot program, and want you to help us with it!
-PVP? Yes please!

And the stuff everyone else has:
-100% Guildship
-Rotating Guild Strongholds: Rishi, Manaan, Tatooine.
-Current Guild Bonuses: 15% Rep and XP / 10% Command.
-Conquest Prizes / Guild Events
-Discounted end-game augs / aug kits
-Free stims / adrenals / medpacs
-Free cosmetic armor to create that mandalorian look you want
-Contraband Cartel Slot Machines
-Discord / Facebook / Website
-Allied guilds to fill / team up with in all time zones.
-Raid signup for those that want to raid, no earning spots. Be 50 , subscriber, on discord, and ready to rock for raid times.
-Dirty Pub Guild.
-And much more.

6.0 Stuff:

-6.0 Gearing Guides posted to our discord.
-LF More HM / NiM Raiders for our Prog / Primary Teams.
-If you want to become an allied guild, please contact @Tereus#1572 and provide the following information:
1. Guild Name
2. Guild Officer / GM Contact
3. Faction
4. Short blurb on why you want to ally with us and what content you focus on most: PVP|PVE|Raids|Etc.

I will do my best to respond to you within 24 hours or less!

Guild requirements

Be chill, have fun, don't give up.

How to join

/who cabure, and PM anyone for invite, or look for our recruiting ads in gen chat.


Weekly Large Yield CQ.
Flagship: Vengeance15/15 Rooms unlocked