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The Uldarum AcademyOur goal is to provide an immersive environment ICly but a relaxed one OOCly.


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October 6, 2019


CST / /Most active time 4 PM - 11 PM CST


Roleplay Social/hanging out Heroics

Active Members

30+, 5-8 during prime time

Guild level


Guild description

Basic Information:

Guild Name: The Uldarum Covenant
Website: https://uldarum.carrd.co (We also use guilded as a resource for lore and system storage)
Discord: Yes! Invites are given after interviews.

Who We Are:

The Uldarum Covenant is a Sith centric RP guild that strives to provide a unique and compelling narrative for our members, as well as bring a welcoming community for our members to call home. Our story takes us on an epic story involving powerful foes and god-like entities from the nether-realm of Chaos.

Our mission statement is THF; Transparency, Honesty, and Fellowship. At the end of the day, all we are is a group of Rpers being nerds together. We do not endorse drama and try to provide a fair and fun place for friends to be in.

The Uldarum Covenant offers an Academy based environment for our Sith, where learning new skills actually has an impact on your character and their capabilities. Our Master/Apprenticeship system is in depth and provides both the Master and the Apprentice opportunities for character growth and intense training. While we may focus on the fantasy of the Dark Side, and on Sith RP, we do accept non-force sensitives and offer them a place in our community as IC contracted soldiers and allies.

New Guild Features

Class System
Division System
Updated roll system.

Contact Information:

In game: Xelá (GM)
Discord: Solorium#4461

Guild requirements

We understand that applications can be tedious and long, so we like to keep things simple and have members answer a series of questions in whisper chat ingame or through DMs on Discord. These questions are:

1) What do the following mean?

Gary/Mary Sue

2) What can you tell me about your character:

Rank in the Empire:
Focus as a Sith:
Brief Backstory:

3) Are you 18+?

4) Do you use discord/can join our discord server?

How to join

You can contact me, the GM, on discord at Solorium#4461 or you can contact me ingame directly on Starforge Imperial side under the character name Xelá. The alt code, or accent, in the a is Alt + 0225.


We are a RP focused guild, so unfortuantely we aren't large yielding in conquest.
Flagship: The Desolation13/15 Rooms unlocked
Capital Vessel of the Uldarum Covenant; Harrower Class Dreadnaught.