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The Republic Decorum / The Imperial DecorumMulti-Faction RP Guild. Sith, ISB, Underworld, Jedi, Republic Military and Politics


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Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

September 11, 2021


EST / /Most active time 6 (18:00) to 11 (23:00) EST


Flashpoints Conquest Roleplay Social/hanging out Leveling Crafting Datacron Hunting Dueling / Tournaments Dailies Heroics Achievements

Active Members

30++, 10+ during prime time

Guild level

22 Republic / 99 Imperial

Guild description

The year was 3637 BBY. The Sith Empire under the Control of the Dark Council continues its ever-lasting war with the Republic. Then, out from the unknown regions a new threat approaches. Led by two fierce warrior prince twins they conquered both Republic and Imperial space. A treaty was negotiated between the reconstituted Sith Empire and the Eternal Empire by the Minister of Logistics during the Eternal Empire’s conquest of the galaxy. The treaty ended the Eternal Empire's assault upon the Sith Empire, but forced the Sith to begin paying a heavy tribute of raw materials and resources, as well as an arms limitation statute. The new leadership, after suffering such losses, were weak minded and joined with the emerging Alliance who fought and defeated the Eternal Empire. In the year 3630 the Outlander and his Alliance broke their treaty with the Sith Empire and joined their forces with the Republic forming Task Force Nova. A group of Sith and Military leaders having lost faith in the Dark Council and their ability to effectively lead the Empire, attempted to take over. They were, however, unsuccessful in raising the needed forces and decided to form their own government, separate from the inadequacies of the Reconstituted Government.

They took their Armada of ships and jumped to HyperSpace. The leadership sat on their Flag Ship, The Vengeance, and decided upon a group of Planets in the far outer rim where they could solidify their base of Operations, and they set course. The Armada came out of Hyperspace in the Oslumpex System and were met with a rag tag system defense force. Emperor Sg’rios ordered his attack craft to send down an invasion force after the defense force ships were wiped out. The Planet fell within short order. The systems in the area mounted a defense. Several hundred ships came to the Oslumpex System shortly after, but these craft were no match for the might of the Imperial Military. With the majority of their defense forces now destroyed, the Imperial forces moved in and took system after system. They landed on Etti IV and made the Imperial Capital of the new Imperial Decorum. They formed several key installations on this world, including the New Sith Academy. On the planet is one of the most secure Complexes in the Sector, the Imperial Palace, the seat of his Grace Emperor Sg’rios, who rules his Empire with the knowledge and power that the leaders of their former home lacked. The military leadership, having decided to maintain a solid position closer to the beginning of the Sector borders took the planet Cantonica as its primary base of Operations, forming a new Military Academy where they began training the newest members of the Military’s finest soldiers.

After the dust settled, the new Emperor put a hold on his forces after they had effectively taken over 24 separate systems and placed a Battle station in the biggest Hyperspace trading lane for commerce protection. He made the decision, based on his forces ability to hold with a solid fist the areas they took, rather than potentially lose systems as they moved forward in their conquest. Solidifying their holdings they now build. Ships, war machines of all sizes, soldiers and Sith from all over the Galaxy come knowing that they are welcomed in this Empire with the knowledge that their abilities will be used in accordance with growth and prosperity for the Empire! Being trained by some of the best minds, their forces grow in strength and power and will continue to expand outward to conquer not only the rest of this sector, but also the rest of the Galaxy!

Guild requirements

Please join our discord and reach out to an officer in order to begin Roleplaying.

How to join

Please seek out a recruiter in game, or join our discord and we can meet up with you more easily.


Depending on the weekly activity, our conquest ranges from medium to large yield.
Flagship: Carth's Revenge15/15 Rooms unlocked
The Republic Flag ship is geared towards our Military and political aspects of the guild. Although it does house some Jedi areas.
Flagship: The Vengeance15/15 Rooms unlocked
The Imperial Flagship is Sith Themed with the various specializations sprinkled in. Additions have been made to further incorporate the Imperial Military.