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March 26, 2019




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Guild description

Hello there! Welcome to the discord server for <Treason>, a community/PvE guild for lovers and members of the r/PrequelMemes subreddit and its official server, the Sheev Discord. We are a casual guild that does PvE, PvP, and Guild Events. We run flashpoints, heroics, operations, PvP arenas, and more events actively. Plus, we’re big on chilling out and talking to one another. How fun is that? Also, we have PrequelMemes and UNLIMITED POWER! Can’t go wrong with that. So, if you’re looking for a laidback guild, and also happen to love PrequelMemes or being a part of a chill community, you have found your new guild.

Guild requirements

Request an invite through Discord

How to join

Request an invite in the #invite-request channel, including your character name. Ping a Guild Officer if needed. Remember that you need to be online in-game in order to be added to the guild.
Flagship: The Emissary