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Tribes of Jin'kataFour ancient tribes that have reaved and conquered the Unknown Regions for millenia.


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May 12, 2020


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Guild description

Millenia ago, two vessels were divided from the survivors of the Great Hyperspace War and delved deep into the Unknown Regions. The Sith that survived their arduous exile called this treacherous jungle planet, Jin'kata. Without a Dark Lord, struggles for power began and thus the tribes were born. For millenia, the tribes have competed for control over their small kingdom carved into the Tuk'ata's Eye. In a time of great war between the tribes, one Sith came forward to unite them and forge an uneasy truce. The tribes now set their sights beyond Jin'kata and reave and settle nearby systems and plot the revenge of the Sith on an unknowing galaxy.

Join one of currently four tribes: the Tribe of Ué, or the Collective. A mysterious group of powerful sorcerers and ritualists that seek to unlock the full potential of the dark side of the Force; or join Ri Dradzia, the Truth, seekers and protectors of ancient knowledge. The overseers of the Academy of Bogan; or join the legion of shadows, Hadzuska Ssraeth, the Shadow Covenant, assassins that see the value of all knowledge. Some are rumored to even explore the light side of the Force for academic purposes; or join the Inchasizi, the Unchained, a reclusive and fierce tribe of hunters and warriors that live outside the walls of the capital. Famed for their mastery over the beasts of earth and sky.

Guild requirements

None. Just be active, friendly (OOC), and follow the few rules we have for roleplay. Really get immersed into your characters. Roleplay should be fun, not a chore.

How to join

Click on the link to our Discord and ask to be invited in-game. Or whisper or mail Serunnos if I'm offline.


Weekly conquest, heroics, dailies. Primarily roleplay oriented however.
Flagship: The Fate's Hand15/15 Rooms unlocked