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Ven Zallow EnclaveTradtitional Jedi with a friendly community, and an evolving storyline based on the chara.


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February 25, 2020


MST,CST,EST,GMT / /Most active time Weekdays: 6pm EST - 11pm EST | Weekends: 4pm EST - 1am EST


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+20+, Est. 10-20 during prime time

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Guild calendar

Guild rules

Guild rules

Guild description

Our Mission

The Ven Zallow Enclave (VZE) is a Jedi roleplaying guild with a passion for inclusivity and helping others engage with the ongoing story-arc of the guild, character-driven role play at all levels from initiate to master, lessons, missions, the padawan-knight experience, and more!

We have a commitment to ensuring our role play happens as much as possible in the open game world, so we are never hard to find! Our community has knowledgeable and creative members, but most of all we are proud to be understanding and welcoming.

We were all new fans and new role players at some point, and so VZE welcomes players new to the game, new to role-play, and new to the Star Wars universe. Our community, in and out of character, will help player and character find their way in the world of Star Wars - both the fictional one of our writing, and in the community you will be joining.

If you are looking for a place to start, a new beginning, or a place to come after a long journey, we are here for you.

Types of Events

We offer a wide variety of events, from Lessons for Initiates, up until our specially crafted trials held by our various specialized Knights.

Offering a series of 'mission board' events, known as Quests, we open it up to the whole community, be it new DMs testing their skills, or experienced members aiming to craft and weave a story. Quests allow for events as simple as repairing parts of the ship, to a longer, more in depth story arc that can open up many different avenues!

Finally, we have the cream of the crop. Our Main Event Seasons. Held in seasons, this is the main story arc of the guild, aiming to develop the story and progress us along.

Our Story

Stranded out in the Mid-Rim, amidst a space graveyard, the Ven Zallow Enclave has found a new home, and made the most of an old derelict ship - The Vigil. Nought but forty percent of it is still intact, yet, the members of the Enclave have called it their home for the time being.

Sending out various expeditions and supply missions around the local area, the Ven Zallow Enclave continues to meet new and different factions, each with their own motives and goals.

Guild requirements

Activity, Friendliness,

How to join

Via application on our site, or messaging any of the members in the guild!