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VolitionHeavy RP guild, based on a Sith powerbase structure


Star Forge



Last Updated

March 22, 2019


EST / /Most active time 6PM-1AM EST



Active Members

30+, 15 during prime time

Guild rules

Guild rules

Guild description

Starting as the Sixth Expeditionary Fleet and the powerbase built around it, the "Volition" powerbase, headed now by Darth Immanitas, has grown exponentially over the last five years. Encompassing everything from politicians to high-ranking Ministry of War officials, learning Sith and elite soldiers, this powerbase now seeks to grow even more.

Based primarily out of the Gauntlet Shipyards in the Ojoster sector, the powerbase extends far beyond the traditional reach of the Empire. Other locations include Hutt Space, Morellia, and Zygerria, with operations in trade, medical research, weapons development, starship construction and intelligence.

With a goal to manipulate the political environment of the Empire and to more effectively wage war against the Republic, the "Volition" powerbase seeks to even further increase it's vice-like grip on what it currently controls.

Guild requirements

-Extensive roleplay experience
-Imperial loyalist character

How to join

Visit the Volition website, read the rules, and apply!

If you have any questions, whisper Immanitas, Sirenis, or Seraph Valiron in-game.