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Weapons of WarVeteran guild since launch, returning to the game after a long break.


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June 22, 2019


EST / /Most active time 7pm-Midnght


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3 +, 1-3 currently during prime time

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Veteran Master

Guild description

Weapons of War is a long standing PvP guild from SWG, and then into SWTOR, Wildstar and Overwatch. We are an online gaming crew of mostly IRL friends now. As we have been playing together for almost a decade as well as some of us having done several guild meet-ups at comicons in the past (our last was Dragoncon 2018, Atlanta). We have competed in both 8v8 Team Ranked, as well as Solo and 4v4 Team Arenas in SWTOR.

While we were a competitive PvP guild, we have been mostly inactive since season 6. I am returning now to rebuild the guild and get involved more casually. Looking for more to join in on content clearing, achievement finishing and getting ready for the update in September 2019.

Guild requirements

We are always looking for more like minded adults (many of us are 30 year olds), who enjoy the game.
Ideally looking for those who:
- Use Discord
- Mature adults, who have veteran experience with swtor.
- Enjoy looking to improve themselves, and know/use key-binds.
- Can mesh well with our crew.

How to join

Reach out to Cid#9069 on Discord.


We do not do conquest.
Flagship: The Anastasius0/15 Rooms unlocked
Has the bare essentials, and is used for summons.