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You Can't Take The Sky From Me / Burn The Land And Boil The SeaWe do things


Satele Shan




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

September 22, 2021


PST,MST,CST,EST,AUST / /Most active time 5PM - 12PM PST


Operations PvP Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Leveling Crafting Datacron Hunting World Bosses Galactic Starfighter Open World PvP Dailies Heroics Achievements

Active Members

800++, 40+ during prime time

Guild level

320 Republic / 279 Imperial

Operations Groups

Story Veteran Master

Guild description

This guild has been around since beta but has gone through numerous changes! It has always kept the same leadership and now continues to go strong. We are a fun community who just like to hang out with people while we play SWTOR.
We embark on: World PvP Achievements, Flashpoints, World Bosses, Datacrons and a Operation every Saturday as well as have raid teams of different levels. We do not make participation required but we encourage it and you will always find someone willing to help you complete those activities.
We have a guild Flagship and fully unlocked guild Stronghold! Each decked out with all the utilities you would need throughout the game.

Guild requirements

The requirements to join are simple.
Be an active and friendly person.
We accept everyone and anyone!

How to join

You can message one of the members who are currently online (in-game) by going to the who tab. (press O) and in the bar typing /who You Can't Take or Burn The Land And Boil The Sea and the people who pop up are current members online! Just whisper one of them by right clicking their username and selecting whisper and kindly asking to join the guild!
You can also reach out to the leader via discord message or join the discord server and ask in the invites channel.


Our guild participates in weekly conquest of the Large yield. We hit top 10 every week. We have monthly contest of invading and winning either Large, Medium or Small Yield planets. So far our guild has won 17 planets. There are *NO* conquest requirements! You can earn conquest at your own pace! A wise man once said: Planets are not won by a single high-flier in case… we win when everyone does a little more than they usually do.
Flagship: Serenity15/15 Rooms unlocked
Very festive and full of everything you would need!
Flagship: Burn The Land And Boil The Sea15/15 Rooms unlocked
Has everything you need in a bright marketplace theme!